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Christina Harris has applied her significant dressmaking talents to creating a great new collection of dolls' clothes to make. Whether looking for an everyday outfit, or a really special ensemble to display their favourite doll in, Reviews: 9.
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Christina Harris has applied her significant dressmaking talents to creating a great new collection of dolls' clothes to make. Whether looking for an everyday outfit, or a really special ensemble to display their favourite doll in, Reviews: 9.
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In , Cody took up the trade that gave him his nickname, hunting buffalo to feed the construction crews of the Kansas Pacific Railroad.

According to Buffalo Bill, he killed 4, head of buffalo in seventeen months. His show dramatized some of the most picturesque elements of frontier life. The show was enormously successful and traveled the world for three decades.

From Brigadier General Albert C. Cody at the time he was engaged in supplying buffalo meat to the workers on the Union Pacific Railway, and also to the troops of the United States Army in the same area.

The skin was presented to Captain Javan B. Irvine 22nd US Infantry who was a famous Indian fighter and a close friend of Buffalo Bill during the days when he was with the army as a guide and Indian Scout.

Captain Irvine presented the coat to then 2nd Lieut Albert C. Captain Irvine retired the same year and on leaving the regiment gave the coat to Lieut Dalton. The coat was repaired and the quilted lining put in in place of the old lining in at the Schuykill Army Factory". Whaler's Monkey Belt Description After a whale was captured and killed, its carcass was towed by the whaleboat to the side of the mother ship for processing. Cutting up the whale was done by crewmen standing on a wooden plank, or cutting stage, rigged out over the side of the ship so that they could stand directly over the body.

It was dangerous and slippery work. If a sailor slid into the water he risked drowning or being attacked by sharks looking for an easy meal. They typically wore mittens or gloves to protect themselves when hauling the long lines aboard and removing the fish.

These sturdy but soft rings, called nippers, are knitted of woolen yarn and stuffed with more wool. These nippers were probably made in Gloucester, Mass. The shallow, fertile banks stretching from Georges Bank east of Nantucket to the Grand Bank off Newfoundland, Canada, were prime fishing areas for Gloucestermen. Cod, haddock, and halibut were the principal species caught by fishermen working aboard schooners in these waters in the late 19th century.

Whalebone and Bone Umbrella Description The bony substance from the mouths of whales known as baleen is formed of keratin, like human hair and nails. It hangs in long, parallel sheets from the upper jaws of the blue, right, and minke whales, as well as other lesser-known species. Its hairy fringe filters food from seawater. Patent Model for the Improvement in Ear-Rings Description Brief Small metal model or example of a design for a spring clasp mechanism to securing an earring to the ear lobe.

The model also shows two eye hooks. One allowed for a dangle and the other allowed a chain and hair clip that would attach to the hair for security. Location Currently not on view date made ca patent date inventor Weed, Louisa A. Lee had bound feet her entire life.

Her daughter, Grace Mok, noted in an oral history that her limited mobility and difficulty in walking required her to be accompanied wherever she went. Foot binding in China may have originated as early as AD. Though outlawed by the conquering Manchus in the 17th century, the Han Chinese retained the social practice into the 20th century.

Antislavery Medallion Description This medallion, first made in , became a popular icon in the British movement for the abolition of the slave trade in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Staffordshire pottery manufacturer Josiah Wedgwood probably engaged sculptor Henry Webber to create the design of a kneeling slave, his hands in chains, a figure based on the cameo gemstones of antiquity.

The medallion expressed in material form the growing horror at the barbarous practices of the trans-Atlantic slave trade, and the premises upon which that trade thrived.

Wedgwood produced the medallion for the Committee for the Abolition of the Slave trade, founded in by Thomas Clarkson, who in published his Essay on the Slavery and Commerce of the Human Species. Wedgwood was a member of the Committee — later known as the Society for the Abolition of the Slave trade - and it is likely that distribution of the medallions took place through the organization, and that Wedgwood bore the costs himself. In America, Quaker groups were active in their opposition to the slave trade in the late seventeenth century.

When British opposition emerged in the 18th century from among the non-conformist congregations - Quakers, Methodists, Baptists, and Unitarians — communication between the North American and British groups was quickly established.

Men and women appropriated the cameo for personal ornament on snuff-box lids, shoe buckles, hair pins, pendants, and bracelets. By , and before the abolition of slavery in all the British colonies in , many versions of the kneeling slave found their way onto the surface of artifacts made in ceramic, metal, glass and fabric.

The representation of the slave in the Wedgwood medallion carries several conflicting meanings. Here we see a man on his knees, pleading to his white masters, and perhaps to God at a time when many slaves took the Christian faith.

The image of the kneeling slave is noble, but at the same time without threat; he kneels, and he is in chains. Materially, the medallion underscores the message with the figure rendered in black on a white, or in some versions a pale straw-colored background. Against fierce opposition, and for all their contradictions, hypocrisies, and ill-informed sentiments, the British campaigners for the abolition of the trans-Atlantic slave trade, and for the abolition of slavery, were astonishingly successful in achieving their aims.

Strategies like widespread petitioning, the distribution of leaflets, pamphlets, and printed images, and the production of artifacts like this medallion, established the tactics for subsequent political and social pressure groups on local, national, and now on a global scale.

The printed T-shirt, badges, and mugs distributed or sold today are the descendents of the Wedgwood medallion. Chipstone Foundation, , pp. Spur Description This spur, worn over a riding boot, was made in Mexico in the mids. Rubbed against the animal's side, spurs are one of the instruments that riders use to direct horses.

The spikes on this spur are set on a small wheel called a rowel, making this a rowel spur. Horses and good riding equipment, such as spurs, saddles, stirrups, and leather coverings, played a fundamental role in the European conquest, exploration, and settlement of wide areas of North America.

Much of the technique and craftsmanship of riding culture that was found in the American West among both Native Americans and later U. During this period, huge herds of cattle and sheep both newly introduced species, like horses flooded the dry grasslands of northern Mexico and were tended by men who would later be called vaqueros —cowboys. The ranching culture that they developed, as well as the ecological destruction that grazing produced, stretched from Texas to California.

This economy of raising livestock on the open range was embraced by settlers coming overland from the American East along routes like the Santa Fe, Old Spanish, and Gila trails. To this day, ranching remains a vital economic and cultural force in both the American West and northern Mexico.

Description Spanish Esta espuela, que se llevaba en la parte trasera de las botas de montar, fue fabricada en México a mediados del siglo XIX. Los jinetes dirigían al caballo rozando las espuelas contra el costado del animal.

Las espigas de esta espuela sobresalen de una pequeña rueda llamada rodaja, la cual le da al nombre de espuela de rodaja. Los caballos y el buen equipo de montar, como las espuelas, la montura, los estribos y los revestimientos de cuero, desempeñaron un papel fundamental dentro de la conquista, exploración y asentamiento europeo en vastas extensiones de Norteamérica. A lo largo de este período, erraban por las pasturas secas del norte de México vastas manadas de vacunos y ovinos especies recientemente introducidas, al igual que el caballo , al cuidado de hombres que luego se denominarían vaqueros.

La cultura de hacienda que éstos desarrollaron, paralelamente a la destrucción ecológica que produjo el pastoreo, se extendió desde Texas hasta California. Abraham Lincoln's Office Suit Description Abraham Lincoln wore this black broadcloth coat, vest, and trousers, as his office suit during his presidency.

The shirt and tie are reproductions. Pendel, being about the same size as Lincoln, posed in the clothing for the artist. Hunt kept the suit, and in his widow donated the clothing to the Smithsonian.

The first lady wore the gown during the Washington winter social season in — Both pieces are piped with white satin, and the bodice is trimmed with mother-of pearl buttons. An evening bodice was included with the ensemble. The lace collar is of the period, but not original to the dress. She gave some of her White House finery to family members.

Her cousin, Elizabeth Todd Grimsley, received this purple velvet ensemble. The Civil War made it particularly important that the ceremonial functions of the administration appear dignified and competent. This public image helped calm domestic critics and reassure foreign governments, especially England and France, which were being courted by the Confederacy. The Lincolns faced the challenge of maintaining proper decorum without appearing self-indulgent when so many were sacrificing so much.

Mary Lincoln took her role as first lady very seriously. Others criticized her for conspicuous consumption in time of war and sacrifice. Likely made by an artisan working on a small scale, they have a beige silk binding around the opening and a pinked edge along the vamp. They have brown leather soles with spring heels and would originally have had gray silk ribbon ties. American merchants and business owners in the early republic acquired and sold a variety of smaller goods such as tea from China and ceramics from England.

As a fashionable and practical accessory, men and women wore the piece of cloth about the neck, tucked into a pocket, or carried in the hand. With its influence largely deriving from the luxurious elegance of European style, the collection has become a worldwide force.

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