Sam Browne belt

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The 'Sam Browne' belts serve no useful purpose but set off the uniform of an officer. EveryWear Graphic Tee for Women. Just as the styles are wide open for the one-shoulder look, so are the materials and colors that work with this trendy style.

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After we find it:

The Sam Browne belt is a wide belt, usually leather, supported by a narrower strap passing diagonally over the right shoulder (although Royal Canadian Mounted Police non-commissioned members wear theirs over the left shoulder).

The full-length gown mingles a wild leopard print with an equally wild metallic gold and embellished, one-shoulder strap. A high slit snakes up the skirt while the front of the gown billows open to make an amazingly stunning entrance!

One-shoulder cocktail dresses can be just as dramatic and dazzling as the full-length versions, and the options are equally as vast. Form-fitting bodices accompany full, flirty skirts in a number of one-shoulder short dresses, or you can go for a body-hugging sheath that stops at the thighs.

Clarisse has a particularly eye-catching one-shoulder short number, with a single, long sleeve that flows right into the body of the dress to create a dramatic vision with an artistic flair. Just as the styles are wide open for the one-shoulder look, so are the materials and colors that work with this trendy style. Any color goes, as does any level of embellishment. Embellishments include beadwork, sequins, lace overlays, ruffles, fabric flowers and super-chic peek-a-boos! The one-shoulder dress is designed to showcase your upper body, so go ahead and let it!

Your hair should also match the cut of the bodice. Letting long tresses hang loose is only going to block off the back and shoulder which is supposed to be exposed. The ultimate way to showcase the one-shoulder look is to go for a bun, chignon or other look that sweeps your hair up and out of the way so you can show off those killer shoulders!

Killer shoulders, or at least a bit of muscle tone on your upper body, work best with a one-shoulder dress. This dress put a ton of attention on your shoulders, back and arms so you only want to showcase them if they are sleek, firm and free of blemishes. Exfoliate or even medicate you skin to get rid of anything that can distract from the main focal points, which are your muscle-tone and skin! Because the one-shoulder dress takes all the attention upward, that means your other areas receive less focus.

This can be a blessing for hiding a less-than-svelte middle or lower body, especially if you go for a one-shoulder style that features a fuller or longer skirt. If your upper body could use a little toning, a one-shoulder gown may not be the best choice for you. Anything that sags over the streamlined upper hem of the bodice is going to look sloppy. Sometimes the fit is to blame, with bodices that are simply too tight pushing and puckering your skin.

You also want to make sure the bodice is not too big, as that can be equally as sloppy. A one-shoulder bodice that sags and exposes parts that are meant to be covered can look more like a potato sack than an elegant gown. Sam Browne was a 19th-century British army officer serving in India who had lost his left arm; [3] this made it difficult for him to draw his sword, because the left hand was typically used to steady the scabbard while the right drew out the sword. Browne came up with the idea of wearing a second belt which went over his right shoulder to hold the scabbard steady.

This would hook into a waist belt with D-rings for attaching accessories. It also securely carried a pistol in a flap-holster on his right hip and included a binocular case with a neck-strap. Other officers began wearing a similar rig and eventually it became part of the standard uniform.

During the Boer War , it was copied by other troops and eventually became standard issue. Infantry officers wore a variant that used two suspender-like straps instead of the cross-belt. Due to its former use as equipment for carrying a sword, it is traditionally only worn by those to whom a sword would historically have been issued, namely officers and Warrant Officers. Throughout most of its modern history, however, its main function has been to carry a pistol, and it was found to be particularly useful with the heavy pistols typically used during the first part of the 20th century.

In the Finnish Army as well as in Finnish Air Force the Sam Browne belt, officially known as a "command belt" or "officer belt", has been used by officers and senior NCOs as well as officer cadets when wearing service, dress or parade uniforms. Currently it is mainly used by high-ranking officers during parades and other ceremonies, as it's only worn with dress uniform M58 and service uniform M83; while most Army and Air Force personnel, excluding cadets studying in the National Defence College as well as soldiers on ceremonial duties, use the camouflage uniform M05 as their service uniform, and the use of the "command belt" with any camouflage uniform except M62 already phased out of service is strictly forbidden.

The Sam Browne belt featured prominently in many uniforms used by the Nazi Party in Germany , again in imitation of earlier European uniforms. It was popular with Adolf Hitler [6] and other leading Nazi officials. In the 20th century it was a mainstay in the British Army officers' corps, being adopted service-wide in during the Second Boer War after limited use in India, and later becoming popular with military forces throughout the Commonwealth.

Officers wore the regular rig with the leather flap pistol holster on the right side opposite the sword frog on the left. It was dropped from the standard officer's uniform in [11] and replaced by the cloth P37 and P44 web gear. It was phased out by the Canadian military beginning with the unification of the armed services in In Australia all officers are entitled to wear the belt in ceremonial dress; Warrant Officers bearing the rank of WO1 but not WO2 are also entitled to wear the belt.

A different arrangement, supposedly [ according to whom? This design puts the burden of the gear, with its heavy ammo pouches on the belt and straps, on both shoulders. It was worn by the officers of British and Commonwealth Rifle Regiments, who had to carry a rifle as their service arm rather than a pistol.

It was also worn by big game hunters in Africa and India in the late 19th and midth centuries. It is often [ example needed ] seen worn in movies or TV shows as part of the costume of explorers or big game hunters. However, the Army as a whole did not immediately approve its use. It was limited in use in when the Army abandoned sabers [21] and replaced with a cloth waistbelt that was sewn to the officer's jacket.

It was later changed to black, the official color of Navy and Marine Corps leather gear. The belt fastens in the same way, with the bar of the buckle engaging a pair of hooks and the end of the belt retained by a post and keeper loop. They are also frequently fully lined, as opposed to the old style half-linings, to support equipment the length of the belt. The Sam Browne belt is largely obsolete in police and security use due to risk of strangulation by potential opponents.

It has sometimes been referred to as a Suicide Belt by personnel. This use has gradually faded out due to field safety concerns. It is part of the ceremonial dress uniform of many agencies, most notably the Red Serge worn by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. RCMP commissioned officers wear the cross strap over the right shoulder due to the need to support a sword when wearing the red serge ceremonial uniform.

This difference of wearing the cross strap over different shoulders for commissioned and non-commissioned members is even maintained when wearing the stripped Sam Browne belt no pistol or sword , as seen in this article from the National Post.

The Sam Browne belt has been proposed as a solution to occupational safety and health concerns about injury due to the weight of equipment on police officers' belts. During the interwar period , the belt became fashionable among some American [29] and European [30] women.

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